Here's a quick little guide to weaving on our rainbow looms. 

Looms available here.

*Getting started-

You'll need a tapestry needle, plastic weaving needle, warp thread, embroidery thread, scissors.

*Warping the loom-

Begin with a single threaded tapestry needle. Leave about 6 inches hanging from the needle and tie miltiple knots in the other end. You'll want to tie a few knots on top of each other to prevent the warp thread from slipping through the loom holes.  If you don't have warp thread, you can also use embroidery thread.

*Starting on the inside arch, threading your needle back and forth, working your way to the other side of the loom.

*Finish by tying multiple knots on the back side of the loom, you can tie the thread under a previous stitch to secure. The back will look like this when you are finished-

*The front will look like this-

*Adding color-

Double thread your plastic weaving needle (or use your tapestry needle if you don't have a weaving needle) with embroidery thread. Tie your thread to the first warp string on the inside arch. Weave your loom in an over under pattern. When you start a new row, it will alternate the pattern from the previous row. 

*Switch colors by threading your needle and tying your new color to the old color. Make sure your knot stays tucked in the back of your design as you continue your over under pattern.

*Finish by tying your thread to the last warp string. You can also use your tapestry needle to weave the ends under some of your previous stitches. With a weaving this small, just the knot around the warp thread will be sufficient if you don't want to weave in your ends.

*Have fun with it and mix up your colors and row thickness. Your finished weaving will look something like this-


*We would love to see your rainbow looms- please tag us or use #ketmercantile in your posts so we can share!